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Fly Again

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You stopped flying, for whatever reason, and now you would like to fly again.

Pilots returning to aviation should familiarize themselves with changes to procedures and regulations in order to make a smooth transition back to flying.

What Will You Fly?

Will you be renting or buying an aircraft? Are you getting back into flying for business or pleasure, or some of each? How many hours each month will you fly? How many would you like to fly? Owning an airplane may be a reasonable choice for you. Perhaps getting together with a few partners to buy that airplane you’you've always dreamed of might not be so far-fetched.  If you’re thinking about purchasing an aircraft, we can help you purchase the plane of your dreams.

To rejoin your fellow aviators in the sky, you will need the following items.

A Flight Review

FAR Part 61.56 (c) requires active pilots to complete a flight review with a CFI every 24 calendar months. Each pilot’s logbook must show that he or she has successfully completed that review. The Pilot’s Guide to the Flight Review and the AOPA Online Pilot Information Center subject report on the Flight Review will provide detailed information about what to expect during the flight review process.

A Current Medical Certificate

Certain medical conditions that were previously disqualifying can now be approved. If you haven’t visited an FAA physician — now called an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) — recently, you can locate one by using the online AME searchable database. Also, In July, 2008, the durations of both first and third class medical certificates were extended for pilots under age 40.  Under the new regulation, third class medicals issued to pilots under age 40 became valid for a maximum of 60 months, up from 36 months. Additional changes can be reviewed online.

The Plastic Pilot Certificate

The FAA released its final rule on February 28, 2008, mandating that all pilots upgrade to a plastic pilot certificate by March 31, 2010. Plastic certificates are deemed more counterfeit-resistant. All newly issued plastic certificates will automatically include the English Proficient endorsement.

The English Proficient Endorsement

Effective March 5, 2009, FAA mandated compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) rule that all member countries (that includes the U.S.) issue pilot certificates that state the pilot is English Proficient if that pilot plans to use the certificate outside of his or her home country. All new FAA pilot certificates will automatically be issued with the English Proficient endorsement on the back, since proficiency in the English language has been a long-standing FAA requirement for basic eligibility for a U.S. airman certificate (the applicant must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English).

Recent Flight Experience

If you’re instrument rated and intend to fly IFR, you’All need an instrument proficiency check in accordance with FAR 61.57 (d).

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Depending upon when you last flew, you will need to update your technical information, learn TSA rules, etc.

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