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The Two Week Private Pilot Certificate

Cessna Skylane

This course was designed for people that just don't have the time to spend 6 months or more getting a private pilot's license.

By taking our 2-week total immersion flight training program, you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to get your private pilots certificate. Our students leave us as safe, qualified pilots.

You will not have the time to run your business, answer the phone, or solve anybody else's problems. For the entire two weeks you are here, you will eat, sleep and study flying.

There will be no partying at night. You are going to be too tired. Besides, you're going to have to get up and have more pilot training fun the next day.


Private Pilot Course Requirements

Flight School Plane

You must be in reasonably good health, as this regimen is somewhat physically demanding. We prefer that you get your flight physical exam, before you arrive. We can assist you with locating an AME (The FAA approved doctor that administers the physical) in your area.

You will need a birth certificate and photo ID to verify US citizenship. Non-Citizens can contact us for visa requirements.

This school is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.


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Accelerated Flight Training Fact Or Fallacy

Some people will tell you that its not possible to get your private pilot certificate, in two weeks. That is not true.

Our accelerated flight training program will prepare you to pass the same checkride that everyone else takes. You will be spending 14 days flying and studying. We only hire and keep the top 20% of Certified Flight Instructors, so you will be trained by the best. If our staff isn't in that top 20%, they look elsewhere for employment. We feel our students deserve the very best flight training available. That is the reason we have the highest retention rate in the aviation industry. Our students finish their course and become pilots.

In order to secure a time, instructor and plane for your course, a non refundable deposit of $1000 will be necessary. Once we receive the deposit we will ship your study materials to you.

You need to cover this course material before you arrive so you can take your knowledge test.

There are no shortcuts in learning to fly. However we can be more efficient, through targeted, intense training..

Some of your pilot friends will tell you how they soloed in 7 or 9 or 12 or 18 hours, etc, etc.

We don't teach you to solo. We teach you how to be a safe pilot.

Due to time constraints, we don't expect you to solo until the second week. By the second week, of training, you will have accomplished night training and some instrument training, thus becoming comfortable in the airplane

We work hard and push you to your limits to achieve your goal. However, we can't absolutely guarantee your certificate in two weeks.

Your personal skills and the weather are somewhat beyond our control, We allow plenty of flight time in order for our students to finish the course within the alloted time (up to 50 hours of flight time). That is included in the price of your flight training package.

Though most of our students are able to complete the training in 14-16 days, on occasion we have a student who takes longer. Up to 50 hours of flight time is included in the course. Most students do not ever go over that time. However, if a student does need additional time (over the 50 hours) that time will be billed at an hourly rate.

Tailwheels reserves the right to discontinue a student's participation in the accelerated flight program, due to student's lack of motivation, inability to cooperate with their flight instructor's instructions/study requirements or a just plain bad attitude.

Should you find it necessary to leave during the 2-week training, all training up to that point, flight and ground, will convert to hourly pricing. All training, upon your return, will be charged at hourly pricing. This will also apply to students, who cannot finish due to lack of motivation or inability to learn during the allotted time.

"I owe my Private Pilot License to your innovative methodology ...Before selecting your facility, I toured eight other flight schools..."

Bob Fischer


Private Pilot Packages

  • Cessna 150 (Clients are limited to 190 lbs)
  • Includes up to 50 hours of Flight Time, Flight Instructor, Written Test, Flight Test, and books.
  • Total: $10,595
  • Piper Warrior, Cessna 172M
  • Includes up to 50 hours of Flight Time, Flight Instructor, Written Test, Flight Test, and books.
  • Total: $11,875
  • Cessna 172SP
  • Includes up to 50 hours of Flight Time, Flight Instructor, Written Test, Flight Test, and books.
  • Total: $13,245
  • Cessna 172 G1000 Glass Panel
  • Include up to 50 hours of Flight Time, Flight Instructor, Written Test, Flight Test, and books.
  • Total: $13,995

The average Private Pilot Student takes 40 - 50 hours to complete their PPL Rating. We provide up to 50 hours of flight time in our Private Pilot Packages. If you need additional time to complete your rating, it will be billed for the hourly rate for airplane and instructor. There is no additional charge for ground school after 50 hours under the package program.

These prices include all study materials, plane and instructor (flight and ground school), the written test fee and FAA examiner's fee.

Besides any additional flight time you might need, other additional costs are for room and board and an aircraft renter's insurance policy for minimum liability and $25,000 hull coverage, which may be purchased from Regal for about $300/yr and you must provide your own headset.


Regal Aviation Insurance



All Students need an FAA medical.

You can purchase your headset and have it shipped to us where it will be waiting for you upon your arrival.

We will arrange transportation from Orlando airport, if you choose, for $100 which pays for fuel and tolls.

Our students are assigned a flight instructor who will work with them EXCLUSIVELY during their time here. You will fly 3 or 4 time per day, take breaks, discuss your progress and work on the oral portion of your check ride.

In order to enroll in the 2-week program, the student must be prepared to PASS the written exam within 2 days their arrival at Tailwheels Etc. Flight School or have already passed the exam.

We drop ship the study material for the PPL when we receive a deposit of $1,000, $500 of which which is non-refundable, and reserve the plane and instructor for your dates. Our students have told us that they need 4 to 6 weeks, with the study material, to be prepared to pass the written exam. If the student has not studied and is not prepared to pass the written exam upon arrival, it will add an additional week and $1000 to the cost of the student's package.

If you are an International student, you will need an I-20 for a visa and TSA approval to train. We can help you with the paperwork on them and the process costs and additional $500.

Please read the following:

  • Limited Financing is available for accelerated flight training at our school for Florida residents. There are also flight scholarships available for flight training. Click here for Flight Scholarship Information.
  • Students, under the age of 17, are not eligible for a Private Pilot's License, you can solo at 16.
  • Students, under the age of 18, MUST have written parental permission for flight training

A one-on-one, test preparedness course is available for USD $1,500. This is a 5-day, all-day, intensive training course, with your flight instructor, to ensure that you pass your written exam.

If you should decide to take the written exam preparedness course, please add the additional week to your travel plans.

FREE offer for our student pilots.

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