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Flight Instructor - Eric Robbins


  • Commercial Pilot Single Engine
  • Commercial Pilot Multi Engine
  • CFI
  • CFII
  • AGI
  • IGI

About Eric

Dreams do come true.

I am living breathing proof dreams can come true.

I worked in construction for almost twenty years and had always dreamed of flying, but felt like it was just that...A dream.

I would always look to the sky as a plane flew over head. I had multiple dreams as a kid and young adult that I could fly.

I finally was able to fulfill my dreams, with the help of my wife and our joint good credit.

You never know what life changing events can happen when you pay your bills on time and keep a good credit score.

I searched for weeks to find a good school, called several, and didn't find the warm fuzzy feeling I was looking for until I called Tailwheels Etc. and spoke with Nik Verrecchia one of the pilots for the company.

He was super knowledgeable and invited me out to the school. I went to Tailwheels the very next day and did the tour. After speaking with Nik I was still unsure of actually following through and committing so I asked John Amundsen the owner if he was hiring and if there was anything I could do so I could be around the airport to make sure I was making the right decision.

John said, “Can you push a broom?” I said “of course I can.” John immediately hired me. So that began my mission of finding out if aviation was a good fit for me.

I loved it from day one. Being around the airplanes and the smell of av gas, I was hooked.

I soon became the shop Nazi as I was called. I'm very organized and clean so I kept the shop in that fashion.

Three months later I decided to bite the bullet and pursue my life long dream and become a pilot.


I had one problem, I was scared of heights. Well they say when you do something in spite of fear it's called courage. I believed I cried MOMMY on my first solo. There is nothing like it. It was the most amazing, scariest thing I had ever done, but I did it.

I tell my kids “Never let the fear of doing something you love stop you.”

After that, I was over the hump; It was all downhill from there. Each rating was equally as hard. If you put in the work you will succeed. At the end of the day it's your rating, when you give it the best you can.

I worked hard and achieved my Commercial single and Multi with Instrument, CFI, CFII, AGI, IGI and Gold Seal.

Once I started teaching I knew I loved it even more. Since then I have owned my own flight school. Loved it. I went to the airlines and have flown corporate. I love being home with my wife and three kids so I decided to find an aviation job that keeps me home every night.

I called Tailwheels, who as you must know by now are family to me as they are to most every student that walks through the door, and I asked John if they were hiring for any position I would be good at. John said he was hiring and in need of an Assistant Chief Pilot for the school, so you know what I did. I took the job and moved my family and myself back to Florida.

The rest is history.

So I say to you don't let your dreams pass you by. You only live one life and it's yours to own.

Be the lead actor in your own life's story.

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