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Flight Instructor In Training - Riley Amundsen

Riley Amundsen Junior Flight Student

At Tailwheels Etc. We Believe In Beginning Training Early


EAA Member Since August 2011 (I wasn't born until September)

I don't have anyr ratings yet, cuz I'm too little...but I'm working on it!


About Riley

Riley Flying in vitro

Riley was born on September 3, 2011, but started flying in January 2011 when he was just a zygote. Since his father always tells people that he started flying at age 2, Riley had to start younger, thus showing his competitive spirit and sense of adventure very early.

By the time he made his appearance into this world, he had flown hundreds of flight hours.

Not only did Riley fly and help his mother teach students, he also helped to fix planes. One of his goals is to be the worlds youngest A & P mechanic. He will be following in the footsteps of both his parents who are A & P mechanics and flight instructors. His mother is the IA at Tailwheels Etc.

Tailwheels is truly a family business, with Riley as the third generation in aviation.


Riley's Life At Tailwheels Etc. Flight School

"My Grandpa says that Tailwheels Etc. makes flying fun. It's fun because the students can play with me too!"

Rileys Tailwheels Uniform

I spend my days with Grandpa, Mom, Dad and the Tailwheels staff and students showing them how to have a good time. I am cuddly and the flight school mascot. I even have my own uniform!

I always say, "If you're going to be a pilot, dress like one!"

Everyone made sure that I had lots of pilot and airplane clothes. That way the people at Tailwheels know who is really in charge...ME!

Grandpa and I like to take naps together, in his office, where he tells people we are "thinking".

I love my Grandpa, he calls me his little Buddy

Everybody at Tailwheels takes turns holding me and teaching me all about flying. Actually, I think they just want to hold me cuz I'm really cute.


  • Sitting Up by myself
  • Eating People Food
  • Using a Sippy Cup
  • Learning to use those pesky utensils like spoons.
  • Walking
  • Talking
  • Potty Training

If you want to come to Tailwheels to learn to fly, you can hold me too.

Riley Waving

See you at Tailwheels!

For more cute photos of me click on this link

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