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Gold Seal Flight Instructor Badge


The specific requirements for the gold seal flight instructor certificate are contained in FAA Orders 8700.1, General Aviation Operations Inspector's Handbook, and 8710.3C, Pilot Examiner's Handbook.

Flight instructor certificates bearing the distinctive gold seals are issued to flight instructors who have maintained a high level of flight training activity and who meet special criteria.

Once issued, a gold seal flight instructor certificate will be reissued each time the instructor's certificate is renewed.

Applicants for gold seal flight instructor certificates must meet the following requirements:

a. The flight instructor must hold a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument (glider flight instructors need not hold an instrument rating) or an ATP certificate

b. The flight instructor must hold a ground instructor certificate with an advanced or instrument ground instructor rating.


The flight instructor must have accomplished the following within the previous 24 months:

(1) Trained and recommended at least ten (10) applicants for a practical test, eight (8) of whom passed their test on the first attempt.

(2) Conducted at least twenty (20) practical tests as a designated pilot examiner, or graduation tests as chief instructor of a 14 CFR part 141 approved pilot school course:


(3) A combination of the above requirements. (Two practical tests conducted equal the credit given for one applicant trained and recommended for a practical test.)

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